Video Clips

TC on Lead @ Discovery Ventura (Artist of the Year Qualifier)

TC on Lead @ Discovery Ventura
(Artist of the Year Qualifier)

2015 Fan Made Video) Live Footage Artist of the Year Qualifier at Discovery
Rage Against The Machine Cover (Freedom)


21766404_1523428271081847_5653144728634800517_n2017 Ventura County Music Awards Best Live Band Showcase/Battle of bands
Alice in Chains Cover of Man In the Box

It was a scorching 95+ degrees in the shade at Vet-Traxx/ Vet-Stock Festival 2018
when Kings Revenge performed their Original Tune “DISORDER OF CHANGE” from their Newly Released “Black the Skies” Album
Dry Mic and No Effects … Just Raw well composed Rock.

Avo-Fest 2018 Guac & Grotto Stage
Cover tune “Simple Man”

Live at Copper Blues behind the stage clip/sample of an Original on their new album


“All Alone” a Kings Revenge Original tune from 2015 Live at Paladino’s

Entertaining The Crowd

Older clips Kings Ransom/KINGS REVENGE (kings ransom video clips)

A Great Cover of Radiohead’s CREEP

Entertaining The Crowd (Fan Made Video)Ventura Beach Club = Indoor Stage Private Anniversary Party
Iron Maiden Cover (Ides of March Wrathchild)