Band Bio

Formerly known as The Unannounced / Kings Ransom; initially formed in 2012 as a collaborative musical project with the expressed goal of reintroducing the world to quality rock and independent music.
Fronted by Soulful Guitarist /Vocalist TC King (also nominated in this years VCMA Best Male category), Kings Revenge has become a clear stand out in the local music/rock community; with Bad Ass Bassist Josh DuBois skillfully providing the driving force and solid backbone for the band, the unique abilities of Technical Guitarist Tommy Hills helps complete the bands amazing sound, which is even further complimented by the Talent of Drummer Kyle Cabrera who throws down a spectrum of tight rhythms on percussion.

Professional performances of some extremely well written originals and a perfected execution of Classic Rock/Alternative/ and Early Metal Favorites, has quickly earned Kings Revenge the respect of; peers, fans, and venues alike. They are now known and respected as both Ventura’s Best & Ventura’s Premier Rock Band.

If you enjoy; quality riffs, solid rhythms, tasty leads, melodic guitar harmonies, and exceptional vocals, Kings Revenge with their eclectic mix of genres, will never disappoint you. If you haven’t yet seen this band live, you now have an opportunity to check them out at one or all of their upcoming VCMA showcases. Kings Revenge Is The Band That Brought Integrity Back to Live Rock Music.

[Music History of Individual Band Members]
TC King was a founding member of all original Rock/Metal Band: Reincarnated (2005 to 2008) + current surprise performances for charity.
Josh DuBois was the original bassist for Local Metal Band: Mentacide + held down double duty, performing simultaneously with Reincarnated (2007 to 2008)
Tommy Hills was a former member of 90’s Rock Band: Mere Image, Uniting in 2012 with Josh and TC. to become Kings Revenge
adding Drummer Kyle Cabrera in December of 2016:
These 4 Extremely Skilled Yet Genuinely Humble Musicians, Are On A Mission to Bring Quality Music to the Stages of Life.

On September 5, 2015 : They were honored with the Ventura County Music Award for Best Rock Then 2017 nominated for and Won: Best Live Band
TC King was also Awarded the distinguished honor of: Most Riveting Vocalist for 2015
TC was also Nominated and Won Best Male Artist of 2017

This Year 2018- KINGS REVENGE has once again received the Nomination for:
TC King Nominated again for Best Male Vocalist of Ventura County.

In October 2015, Kings Ransom -their former name-
made the Cover of (No Cover Magazine)
in February 2016 they were Awarded  RLDS Artist of the Year.
(this was just before learning that another band had hijacked and trademarked their name)
Thus in May of 2016 they became Kings Revenge and took a break from performing to re-group-rebrand and write new material.

Please note: When searching for extra or older video on the net.
Gigs Where the then Kings Ransom had performed with alternate Drummer Zac Bickler, These shows were sometimes billed as The Unannounced, this was due to the impromptu nature of these unannounced performances. Sadly Zac Bickler died unexpectedly in July of 2013…
occasional performances are still done in his honor, as Zac Bickler was a not only a dear friend but also an original founding member of Reincarnated.

You can also search YouTube for (Kings Ransom-Ventura)  (Kings Revenge-Ventura) and (TC King-Venura) for other live performance video.